Representative Experience

Client: Publicly Traded Technology Company

Client Project: Client was undertaking an aggressive acquisition program to grow its business. Reed acted as counsel in closing a series of eight acquisitions which increased the client’s revenues tenfold, assisting with due diligence, negotiating deal points, preparing transaction documentation, and assisting in the post closing integration of the merged businesses.


Client: Wholesale Distributor

Client Project: Client had a customer that owed it a significant amount of money and had defaulted in payment. That customer had several retail outlets which client wanted to acquire and operate. Client was a secured creditor, but second in line behind a bank.

Approach and Result: Purchase of the senior debt by client was arranged. Once that was completed, Reed facilitated the UCC foreclosure on all of the assets of the customer. Client acquired all of the assets of the defaulting customer by credit bid. Leases for select facilities operated by the customer were then assumed so that those locations could be operated by client going forward.


Client: Publicly Traded Technology Company

Client Project: The Board of Directors of client required general legal counsel on governance and other issues. Members of the Board were required to maintain various filings with the SEC on their company stock acquisitions and sales.

Approach and Result: Reed advised the Board on all corporate legal issues, provided evaluation of pending and potential litigation, oversaw out of state litigation counsel, and prepared and filed the required SEC filings for Board members.


Client: Licensed Private Investigator

Client Project: The client had investigated employee theft at a restaurant. As a result of that investigation, an employee was terminated. That employee filed suit against the restaurant and the client alleging misconduct on the part of the client in the investigation.

Approach and Result: Reed aggressively defended the suit and ultimately had it dismissed on a motion for summary judgment that included an award in favor of client for sanctions against plaintiff’s attorney for filing a case without merit. Reed successfully handled several similar cases for this client.


Client: Individual

Client Project and Result: Client was an elderly individual who had a conservator appointed for her against her wishes. Reed worked with the public fiduciary who was appointed as client’s conservator to address client’s issues with the conservatorship. Ultimately, the conservatorship was lifted and the public fiduciary agreed to assist the client as needed outside of the formal conservatorship.


Client: Publicly Traded Company

Client Project and Approach: Client was a publicly traded company facing bankruptcy. Reed located appropriate bankruptcy counsel for a Chapter 11 filing and worked with the Board of Directors to engage such counsel and initiate the filing. Reed was appointed special corporate counsel in the bankruptcy case. During the bankruptcy case, Reed continued to advise the client on corporate and general business matters and acted as lead counsel in the successful sale of the client’s assets under Bankruptcy Code Section 363. The new entity which purchased those assets continues in business today.


Client: Numerous Families and Individuals

Client Project and Approach: Reed has assisted numerous families that have lost members and needed to deal with property transfer as a result. Depending on what planning had been done beforehand, this has been accomplished either outside of probate or through the probate process in court. Reed has handled probates throughout California and in most cases can do this without having to travel to distant counties where the deceased individuals resided.


Client: Numerous Individuals and Families

Client Project and Approach: Reed has worked with many individuals and families to implement estate plans that provide not only for the smooth transfer of property on a death, but in many instances can provide for significant estate tax savings as well.


Client: Individual

Client Project and Approach: Client was referred to Reed to discuss filing personal bankruptcy. In discussing that possibility, it came out that the two major debts were back taxes and a spousal support obligation, neither of which was dischargeable in bankruptcy. Reed moved to have the support obligation set aside for fraud. In the course of negotiating that approach, he discovered information that allowed him to argue that the support obligation was a loan rather than a true spousal support obligation. That obligation would be dischargeable in bankruptcy and led to a settlement that reduced the obligation from over half a million dollars to approximately sixty thousand.


Client: Numerous Business Clients

Client Project and Approach: Reed has represented numerous clients that developed copyrightable materials or marks used in their business that could be registered as trademarks. Reed prepared and submitted the required filings for such registrations and the required follow up filings to maintain registration of those marks and intellectual property.


Client: Trademark and Copyright Protection

Client Project and Approach: Client was a business that contracted with the owners of internationally known trademarks and copyrights to police the markets and located counterfeit goods that infringed upon their marks. Reed handled over 200 infringement claims for these well known marks, ranging from quick settlements to lawsuits filed under seal in Federal District Court and seizure of the infringing goods by Federal Marshalls.


Client: International Data Management Company

Client Project and Approach: As general counsel for a client providing data management services internationally, Reed has negotiated international agreements for the resale of those services, overseen the registration of foreign offices, and worked with foreign counsel on general business issues throughout Europe, including the sale of foreign interests.

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